The Future of Marketing - The Same But Different

Written by Richard Hilson on Mar 10, 2015 10:35:21 AM

As soon as we  make predictions about the future... We're  gonna to be wrong!



The problem is, we don't know to what degree we are going to be wrong. I gave up making predictions about technology a long time ago - Nothing surprises me anymore, everything is possible with a little bit of time. For functional roles in organisations, I really can’t see human resources, or accounting radically changing, other than these functions being more enabled through the use of technology.

So what about marketing - Is there anything amazing going to change in the future of marketing?

Well, what the experts are saying on-line is that all the things we learnt at Marketing School still holds true, to some extent anyway. However, the context in which we apply our marketing tools is changing.

Three things will be the same - But different

1. Communication

It’s gonna be out with mass communication and in with personal and intimate connections with the customer - The experience is like moving from a Fast Food restaurant to fine dining- The customer wants to be more in control and may want to have something a little different and to their own liking - personalisation

Companies need to know everything about their customers - there is no longer any reason not to know everything, the technology and communication methods are already in place so marketers now need to know how to use thees tools.

2. Real-Time

Moving in the moment sounds like a dance move on a friday night - But moving in the moment is what your customers are doing - They experience in the ‘now” and report back to their network of friends about what they are experiencing.

The problem is, The reporting and control processes for companies are now becoming archaic - The customers are telling us what they want and when they want it - Companies need to find away to adapt from their current financial practices of allocating budgets and reporting, which in most cases is revised and amended annually. The customer lives in the now, so our finance and reporting systems need to live in the now also.

3. Marketing Culture

The culture of marketing is definitely about to change - Marketing may no longer be the glamor department making the  most noise in the office - In the future we may no longer see marketing running around the office with new product samples, and design layouts, asking their colleagues at morning-tea-break what they think?

The biggest and loudest voice will now be that of the customer - If a company needs to develop  new products, they we need to consult with the customer first and ask them what they want - This will develop closer ties with the customer and create brand loyalty - Using real-time tools will provide quick and fast response times and provide a greater bond between the customer and the companies offering.

As we evolve through the use of social media to develop closer bonds with our customers, we must consider the ever changing codes-of-conduct. In the new marketing world transparency and visibility will be at levels never experienced. Companies need to define new codes-of-conduct that customers are aware of .

The new rules of marketing will consider the customer as being the most important aspect, and the customer will a function of the marketing team - If what the gurus are saying is right, the future of marketing will need to embrace the customer more closely, as the most important part of a companies marketing mix.

Before you begin to redesign your future in marketing, take a look at some great tools to help you get your marketing department aligned.

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